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In Line Standard Pre-Built Post with Double Rail – Mid Post (0 to 11 Degrees)

This pre-built post is designed to provide support to the tube along the Guardrail at the top and middle of the upright on slopes between 0 to 11 degrees.
This can be combined with any of our standard in-line double rail posts and tube.
Our pre-built posts are designed using either C42 (42.4 outside diameter tube) or D48 (48.3 Outside Diameter Tube).
The dimensions can be adjusted to your requirements however we never recommend having the top rail higher than 1.1m above ground level for loading reasons. If you cast the product into the ground the upright will need to have the amount of material you are casting in added to dimension A.
We also have various individual fittings you may need to achieve different directions for joining the tube. See the individual products area and our accessories drop down menu for options.
All of our systems are supplied in a galvanised finish as shown on the individual product photographs for each product and tube is available in cut to length sizes. We recommend keeping the lengths o less than 3m sections to keep delivery costs down.